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Security, Safety and Privacy

LAN chat works strictly within the internal network, encrypting any data shared between your employees (AES-256). It protects all messages and files, allowing communication only between users within the company.

Remote Desktop Sharing

If you encounter any technical issues or problems with software installation, one of your colleagues can connect to your desktop to help. The remote assistance functionality of LAN Messenger is ideal for such situations.

Terminal Services Support

Whether you use the Microsoft or Citrix terminal services, our messenger will work with them seamlessly. Both RemoteApp and XenApp applications for virtualization are supported.

Active Directory and Domain Support

LAN Messenger integrates with a domain controller environment that works like clockwork. The user list shows the full names of all employees that are stored within the Active Directory. Identification within the program is based on their unique Security Identifiers (SIDs).

The Main Features

Offline Messaging
File Transfer
User Groups
Message History
Ease of Installation
Safety and Privacy

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Streamline your corporate communication easily with LAN Messenger, and exchange data and messages safely and securely. Provide your team with a reliable and versatile messaging environment that suits their needs.