Top 5 Messengers for Paranoid People

Send messages and files over LAN

Top 5 Messengers for Paranoid People

Millions of people exchange messages all over the world every day. But have you ever wondered what happens to a message when you send it? Is it intercepted by any third-party users? Or maybe the company’s servers are not reliable enough? In this article, we will take a look at five instant messengers that care about protecting your identity, information, and security.



The open-source software encrypts text messages, as well as video and audio content, while maintaining a high quality that outperforms many closed source competitors. The messenger uses end-to-end encryption using the Proteus protocol, which is a modified version of the Signal Protocol from Open Whisper Systems. Video and audio calls are protected using SRTP and DTLS technologies, and all connections to the server are made over a secure TLS connection. The application uses cryptographic primitives available for comparison that guarantee effective protection of the communication channel against MITM attacks.

  • Session

According to the developers, users remain completely anonymous at any time, it will even be impossible to find out a person’s IP address. Clients can use proxy routing to secure messaging traffic. Proxy routing continues to provide a high level of privacy, security, and anonymity.

  • Adamant Messenger

​​Storing messages in blocks is possible thanks to a well-thought-out technical implementation, namely, a separate and independent Ethereum DPoS blockchain with a block time of five seconds. This allows you to carry out correspondence with a fairly comfortable response. To use the messenger, it is enough to create a new anonymous address for correspondence in a second. No phones, email, and other details. 

  • Safe Text

Any dialogue initiated with this messenger is destroyed after 24 hours of existence. Also, the user can delete individual messages earlier. In this case, they will also be erased from the devices to which they were sent.

Local access to the application is possible after entering the PIN, and in addition, Safe Text guarantees the security of messaging even over unsecured Wi-Fi. Messaging servers do not keep logs.



The platform can make financial transfers. It also has a built-in crypto exchange. To create an account, you only need to generate a crypto key. The authors of the project called the product a decentralized OS:

  • the platform has an application for working with smart contracts;
  • its users can exchange messages and financial assets;
  • participants can add whatever functionality they want through the open API.

The security of communication and the protection of personal data can affect everyone at any time. Messengers are one of the most used applications. However, for 100% confidence in the security of your correspondence, you should use LAN messengers.